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“Former Sex-Worker shows frustrated internet marketers how to get off on a little-known but hot traffic source”

How a 22 year old girl with minimal online marketing experience is making $12k a month – from an amazing site you’ve probably never even considered tapping

May 20, 2010
From: Amy

I have a confession. I’m not really a “former sex-worker”. But at one stage my Dad was worried I might have been either a hooker or a dope-dealer. Or both! LOL. Let me explain…

“Oh my God – Amy – No!” That’s what my Dad said when he dropped in to see me one day and saw all the cash fanned out on the kitchen table. $12,000 to be exact. Money I’d just taken from my bank account that morning.

“Don’t worry dad – it’s not what you think” I said.

And of course he said “Where did all this money come from?” I just grinned and showed him my Clickbank earnings statement and my PayPal statement (and they’re not “doctored” BTW – they’re real screenshots of some of my online earnings for March and April this year).

“You’ve made all this from your little internet operation?” he said.

“Yes Dad – that and more. My “little internet operation” as you put it, is making me more money than my day-job. It’s taken awhile but I’ve finally cracked it.”

Needless to say, my Dad was impressed. He didn’t acknowledge it, but I’m making more money than he is at the moment. He’d seen me struggling for over a year with affiliate marketing and Pay Per Click programs. He knew I was giving Google half my wages every month. And he thought I was crazy to do that. He kept saying –

“Isn’t there another way of getting some traffic? A way that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? Using Adwords is just going to send you broke.”

He was right, of course. Google was sending me broke. I didn’t tell my Dad, but I was in the hole for about three thousand dollars. And some of that was on my credit card. But I was determined to make a success of my online business. I’d put too much time and money into it to just give up and walk away. I’d had some success building blog sites and sending Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click traffic to them and getting commissions on affiliate products.

…until Big G decided it didn’t like my blogs any more and de-indexed some of them. But what was worse was the outrageous click price increase on some of the keywords – keywords I’d been getting for only cents a click were suddenly costing me dollars.

And Google was reducing my Adwords Quality Scores from 7/8/9 down to 3/4/5. Which of course was driving up the click price and playing havoc with my ROI – “return on investment”.

I’m no financial genius but I know you can’t afford to be paying two or three dollars a click for most keywords. It just doesn’t add up. It really doesn’t . Google Adwords can be brutal. Its like playing craps – looking for a “7”. First it’s your friend, then its your enemy. And the Yahoo PPC program is just as bad.


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