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The Advantages of StumbleUpon Advertising

stumbleupon advertising
  • StumbleUpon Advertising is cheap
    – I mean real cheap – like 5 cents a click – what could you do with 500 highly-targeted visitors for $25?
  • StumbleUpon Advertising creates highly-targeted traffic
    – you laser-target people’s interests by segmenting them into demographics. This is much better than just using keywords. You can select age and sex of your viewers
  • StumbleUpon Advertising creates FREE recurring traffic
    – the more thumbs-up you have – the more free traffic. Even when you’ve stopped a campaign it will still be getting traffic
  • The StumbleUpon crowd don’t realize they’re their being marketed to
    – they just see your money site as another recommended site in the StumbleUpon system. This is completely unique to online advertising. Normally PPC results are separate from normal search results – not so on StumbleUpon
  • It’s hands off
    – you pick your topics, select a demographic and send visitors to your sites. You don’t need to closely monitor your campaigns. No constant monitoring of which keywords are converting and how much you’re spending
  • It’s easy to use
    – how long did it take you to learn how to use Adwords or Yahoo Search marketing? Exactly. Stumbleupon isn’t like that. It’s dead easy to use. Takes about 5 minutes to set up. And the interface is a cinch to use. Even my brain-dead hick cousin could work it out.
  • There are heaps of ways to make money with it!
    – this is the beauty of this system. You can use StumbleUpon to drive traffic cheaply to a blog. You can use it for an Adsense site. You can promote your new product, push CPA offers or Clickbank products.
  • You have no direct competition like in AdWords
    – you don’t have to outbid ANYONE! So its more like a level playing field – you don’t have the Adwords whales with their deep pockets dominating the juiciest keywords
  • Your campaign can go viral
    – no kidding. Recently I paid $25 for 500 visitors and within a day the site hit the front page of Yahoo Buzz and generated almost 10,000 unique visitors from Yahoo alone – and they’re still coming weeks later. I’ve made over $200 on Adsense from that traffic

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