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What Is StumbleUpon? Contd …..

And here’s the thing – StumbleUpon is a relatively untapped market as far as advertising goes. In fact there are less than 2% commercial sites on the network. This is powerful for marketers because SU offers advertising options where you can get your niche specific page or site, inserted into the StumbleUpon browsing experience without the person browsing even knowing.

StumbleUpon has been around for awhile. It was started by a couple of Canadian geeks about eight years ago. In 2007 they were bought out by eBay for for a cool $75 million but last year they bought it back and moved it to San Fran and the Big Apple. And one of the things they did – just like YouTube and to some extent facebook – was to turn it into a Search Engine.

Traditionally, people went to StumbleUpon to randomly flip through interesting pages, but now it works more like a search engine. Except that it only returns pages already deemed to be worthy by the StumbleUpon community…


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