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What is StumbleUpon?

It’s a toolbar extension for browsers where you pick a topic you’re interested in out of a list of hundreds of categories. Then, when you hit the “Stumble” button you land on a page that other Stumblers have rated as interesting.

StumbleUpon is addictive. Typically, Stumblers will hit the Stumble button quite a few times – looking at dozens of sites. Most of the sites on SU are high-quality sites with unique content and unique design. You won’t see any Acai Berry, Six-Pack Abs or GasFromWater rubbish here. Stumbleupon is a class act – a showcase of some of the best sites on the web.

StumbleUpon is the most addictive website ever – the greatest thing ever invented. The site makes the Internet—and by extension, the world—seem both bigger and smaller, infinite in its possibilities yet totally accessible. Warning: I have gotten lost in the wilds of Wikipedia and have fallen down many a YouTube rabbit hole, but never has a website hijacked my brain, my attention span, and time itself quite like StumbleUpon….like having the entire Internet on carefully curated shuffle-play. Click on as many categories as you like (“Astronomy,” “Beauty,” “Gardening,” “Photography”…) and download the site’s toolbar…and StumbleUpon will begin drip-feeding you an addictive stream of sites.


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