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A New Theme Nuntius Demo

A New WordPress Theme Nuntius Demo is designed by Justin Tadlock ….

Justin Tadlock is a popular wordpress blogger and you wont beilive that his own websites has a higher pagerank at google. What should be his pagerank ?  Just guess… This guy has a Google Pagerank of 6. Really mind blowing !!!! everyone of us may have idea how it is hard to achieve higher pagerank. Especially after achieving pagerank 3 , it is always mount climbing task to achieve next level of pagerank i.e pagerank 4. But one thing is obvious that his blog is 8 years old, he has been writing blog from 2003 without a break.

The theme Nuntius Demo looks alike professional theme in terms of layout and simple header etc..And there many user friendly features are available. And theme is for free download anyone can implement this theme on their wordpress blog.



Google Knols Move to WordPress: The Annotum Platform

Nice Article, Peoples migrating from Google Knol to WordPress !!! Seems wordpress gaining more popularity

Google Knols Move to WordPress: The Annotum Platform.

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